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Selecting the right M&A firm will be the most important decision you make when selling your business. Why not hire an advisor that has been in your shoes, purchased numerous companies, and sold their own business? With over 30 years of service industry experience and over 100 million dollars in successful M&A transactions to date, The Aust Group is the right firm to represent you when deciding to sell your business or purchase a company.

Where do you need to grow and strengthen your business before you sell or exit? The Aust Group focuses on specific areas of your business in need and offers solutions to improve your overall efficiency, profitability, and revenue. This service will help prepare your business for sale and maximize the total value of your company. The Aust Group also offers training programs to those in the service industry and key insight to others looking to enter the space. 

Do you ever wish you had an industry expert to speak to on a regular basis for personal development, leadership training, and business advice? The Aust Group gives business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to be coached one-on one by an industry leader through scheduled meetings and phone calls.

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