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Delivering maximum value for your company

Have you prepared your exit Strategy?

The topic of selling is something every business owner will face at some point. Maybe you’re ready to slow down and spend more time with your family. Perhaps you’ve grown the business as much as you can on your own and another injection of funds is needed to take the business to the next level. You could be looking to seek some other business opportunity or venture. Whatever the reason is for considering the sale of your business, it’s important to understand that your company is a valuable asset. Cashing in on your asset and taking the chips off the table will reduce the risk that comes with owning a company and financially stabilize you and your family for the future.

Why Choose The Aust Group?

Selecting an experienced and trusted mergers and acquisitions firm to represent your selling interests couldn’t be more critical. It will be one of the most important decisions you make, next to your decision to sell. The Aust Group knows firsthand the mergers and acquisitions from both the buying and selling perspective.

Through the Eyes of the Buyer

With 30 years in the service industry, we purchased multiple companies and evaluated many other targets. When you hire us, we evaluate your company from the prospective of the buyer and identify key value drivers and similarities between the buyer and you. We also look for any potential red flags or weaknesses that the buyer would uncover and we prepare you to respond to those items in a strategic, but honest and appropriate manner.

We Have Been In Your Shoes

After making the decision to sell our company, we became familiar with the demands that were involved in the deal process. When selecting The Aust Group, you’re working with someone who has been in your shoes, can relate with you, and advise you through the deal process. We manage the flow of communication between parties so you can continue to grow your company and depend on an intermediary like us, who has your best interest in mind.

Relationship with Buyers

The Aust Group has strong relationships with acquirers and is continuing to build new relationships with our many years in the service industry. We also have excellent knowledge regarding each buyer’s acquisition plans and objectives. This includes their target geographical markets, ideal acquisition size, desired products and services, motivations, and their specific post-transaction/integration plans. We will use our good standing relationships and insight to find the most suitable buyers to purchase your company.  

Industry Expertise

We have significant industry specific experience and knowledge from building and growing our pest control company for over 30 years. We’re able to measure your company performance by industry specific efficiencies and other key performance indicators (KPI’s), which is important to share when presenting your company. By being part of the service industry and knowing the various products and services involved, it allows us to focus on selling your company without spending much time and resources learning about your operations.

Marketing Your Company

Analyze and Prepare

After you choose us as your exclusive M&A advisor, we will send our initial request for information (RFI) document. We will then schedule a call to introduce you to our team, set expectations for the items requested, and discuss a timeline for completion. The information includes your company history and background, financials, operations, and so on. As soon as you send us everything we’ve requested, we will analyze the information and prepare it for the market.

Tell Your Story

We distribute our Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) to buyers once the NDA is in place. The CIM contains a detailed presentation of the information you provide us. The CIM tells your story and captures all the characteristics that make your company valuable and attractive to a potential purchaser. The purpose of the of CIM is to create a roadmap of value for potential buyers so they can begin to put an initial offer together.  

Ensure Successful Transaction

Our goal when bringing your company to the market is tp find acquirers who are culturally like-minded, have similar strategic goals and objectives, and can capture the full value of the seller’s company. By presenting all these synergies to buyers, we are able to yield top dollar for our clients, confirm a smooth transition for any key employees who desire to be part of the combined company after the sale, and ensure successful transactions between the buyer and seller. 

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