Improve Your Business

Preparing For Sale

The Aust Group takes a look at the areas of your business in need of improvement to increase value before you sell your company. We rely on business owners or managers to identify the areas which need further assistance. If you’re unable to isolate the specific issues impacting your company, we will take a broader approach and review all aspects of the business. Once we have completed our careful assessment of your firm, we tailor custom solutions in the form of a physical business plan. This package will identify steps to enhance efficiency, profitability, and revenue and yield top value for your business.   

Not Ready To Sell?

Corporate Training

If you’re only looking to grow your business for the future in a particular area, The Aust Group offers training as part of our consulting program for your management team, sales team, and the entire staff. Please see below for the areas where we can grow your business and develop your team.

Management Team

  • Leadership Development
  • Efficiencies
  • Profitability
  • Accountability

Sales Team

  • Sales Cycle & Pipeline
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Value Added Opportunities
  • Marketing

Entire Staff

  • Customer Service
  • Service Knowledge
  • Team Building
  • Best Practices

Industry Insight

We share our expertise with larger private and public companies, investment groups, and private equity (PE) firms looking to learn more about pest management and service related industries. The Aust Group knows the latest developments on: 

  • Market trends
  • Technology
  • Competitive landscape
  • Acquisitions
  • Industry news

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