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Stuart Aust


Stuart Aust is Principal and Founder of The Aust Group, LLC. Stuart and his wife, Donna, started their pest control company in January of 1992 as a “mom and pop” company, which evolved into a full-service pest management company with an annual revenue close to 7 million dollars. In 2016, Stuart sold his business, and was brought on as VP of Business Development specializing in mergers & acquisitions. In the role as Principal/Founder of The Aust Group, Stuart advises on mergers & acquisitions and mentors those seeking to learn more about the industry.

Nick Aust

M&A Analyst

Nick Aust serves as an M&A Analyst for The Aust Group, LLC. After graduating from Furman University with a major in business administration and finance, he worked in residential and commercial pest control sales. Passionate about the pest control service industry and finance, Nick focuses on financial analysis and company valuation in his role as M&A Analyst.

Chris Aust

Director of business Development

Chris Aust is the Director of Business Development, where he oversees the marketing strategies, company branding, and digital content. Chris graduated from High Point University with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. During his tenure at High Point University, Chris had various internships and ambassador roles with several marketing companies. 

Mike Aust

Social Media Specialist

Mike Aust serves as a Social Media Specialist, where he helps maintain our social media platforms as well as lead generation.

Who We Are

The Aust Group, LLC – a mergers and acquisitions advisory/consulting firm, founded by Stuart Aust, specializes in advising shareholders through the deal process and facilitating successful transactions between buyer and seller in service related industries. The Aust Group provides our sell side M&A advisory to companies in the service industry, which range in size from small businesses to lower middle market companies. For these companies not ready to sell, The Aust Group proposes business consultation and mentorship packages to improve operations and prepare businesses for sale. The Aust Group also offers buy side M&A advisory services and business consultation to firms looking to enter the service industry, grow their company, or diversify their products and services.

Our Approach

The Aust Group focuses on the following:

Our Mission

The Aust Group combines transactional expertise with industry specific experience and knowledge to deliver maximum value for the clients we represent.

Our Vision

The Aust Group’s goal is to be the leading mergers and acquisitions advisory/consulting firm in the pest management and service industry.

Our Core Values

The Aust Group conducts business with honesty, integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism to serve in the best interest of the party we represent.

Our Beliefs

The Aust Group believes in our social responsibility as a company and pledges a part of each commission or success fee on completed M&A transactions to a particular cause.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Selling your company is a taxing process. Therefore, having someone who is an intermediary between the buyer and seller is critical for managing expectations and communication between parties. Buyers are interested in purchasing companies that show strong growth and high profitability. When you retain an advisor, you can continue to focus on your business instead of spending your time working on the transaction, which could be at the expense of your company’s performance. Buyers prefer to speak to sellers without any representation so that they can dictate the terms of the sale. An experienced advisor will take control of the deal process and negotiate on behalf of the seller. Other advantages of hiring an advisor include: ability to maintain confidentiality of a potential sale with buyers, experience in marketing and presenting companies to buyers, direct access to the buyers and their goals/objectives, understanding of valuations and financial models, analysis of binding and non-binding offers, preparation of a secure data room during due diligence, ability to manage the flow of information during deal process, and a proven track record of successful transactions.

No, we are experts on marketing your company, driving value, and negotiating the sale of your business. We recommend that you hire an outside accounting firm to prepare financial statements for the sale, discuss the tax implications of the transaction, and determine how the deal structure may impact your net earnings post-transaction. Likewise, we suggest that you hire an outside legal firm with transactional experience to draft or review legal documents such as employee agreements and purchase agreements to ensure that everything which is understood between the buyer and seller is stated accurately in the appropriate documentation.

Yes, we do perform company valuations. Our valuations are subjective, and based on factors such as financial performance and growth, composition of revenue, and the free cash flow of your business. Our valuation analysis serves as a possible range of values, but it should be clearly understood that the market will determine the value of your company. We perform our valuations using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method. The DCF model measures the free cash flow of companies over a period of time and discounts it to its present value since cash flows are worth more today than in the future. 

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